Save Money By Making Roof Repair Or Replacement Your Top Priority!

Putting off roof repairs or necessary replacements can cause health issues, further damage & even costlier repairs down the road, insurance claim rejections, and property value decreases.

If repairing or replacing your roof is low on your to-do list, you should know that the longest you postpone replacing or repairing your roof, the more you put you and your family at risk for a number of serious and even life-threatening concerns.

If repair costs are stopping you from giving your roof the attention it needs, contact Texas Prime Roofing today and take advantage of our affordable financing plans.

Health Risks

Even the smallest roof leaks can allow mold and bacteria to grow and spread within as little as 24 to 48 hours, quickly creating an especially dangerous environment for children, older people, and any residents who are already experiencing allergies or respiratory issues.

Further Damage & Even Costlier Repairs

Once moisture is allowed to spread within your home, it can lead to the severe degradation of your ceilings, floors, and walls— and with Houston’s intense heat and humidity, moisture can quickly spread all over inside your home like wildfire.

Any already damaged roof will also be much more susceptible to new damage. So the next time it rains, you’re extremely likely to develop more damage such as an even bigger hole in your roof or an additional leak close to the original one.

By repairing or replacing your roof as quickly as possible, you can prevent the possibility of even more damage and even costlier repair bills from adding up.

Insurance Claim Rejections

Even if your insurance covers damage from natural disasters, if an insurance adjuster discovers that you continually postponed repairing or replacing your roof, it’s highly likely that insurance will not cover the expenses.

Property Value Decrease

Thinking about selling your home? If you’ve got on-going roof problems, think again. The longer you wait to repair or replace your roof, the lower of a value you can expect for your home.

At Texas Prime Roofing, we don’t want anyone to go without needed repairs and replacements. That’s why we provide affordable financing plans that are designed to meet your needs. Contact us today to get started.

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